Lactea Kit Full Set


Lactea Kit Full Set

You will get :

Numom Storage Milk Bags

1 Box ( 30 Pcs )

Shapee Thermal Pad Warmer

Massage Therapy Oil

Nursing Breast Pad 10 pcs

Milk Collector + Stand

Epsom Salt 80 Gram

Transparent Bags

Kad Pengendalian EBM

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Does EPSOM SALT Help Clogged Milk Ducts?

Yes, epsom salt can help a clogged milk duct. This works when epsom salt and warm water are combined to help draw the clog out of the milk ducts.

A clogged duct can cause pain and swelling at the site of the clog. Epsom salt baths can be used to reduce pain and swelling.

By soaking in this mixture, the pain and swelling can be reduced which will allow the clog to be pulled out more easily.


Does LACTATION MASSAGE Help Clogged Milk Ducts?


Clogged ducts are a painful, and pretty common, occurrence during breastfeeding. The best course of action is nursing and more nursing, while also using breast massage and hand expression to help unclog that duct.



The swelling that can occur early in the breastfeeding relationship can be greatly decreased with breast massage. The best treatment for engorgement is attempt to empty the breast, and this is best done by encourage the baby to nurse more. Breast massage can aid in the emptying process softening the breast tissue to make nursing easier and more effective.

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